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Polar bear on thames January 31, 2009

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if you think your eyes are playing tricks on you, no they are not 😉 these polar bears are really floating down thames! of course they aren’t real. they are sculptures made by Eden Tv to raise awareness about ‘the plight of polar bear and their dwindling habitat due to climate change’


you can see the polar bear float down the river here

via Inhabitat


the fight in profession January 31, 2009

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caught this video at wallpaper between Martha Schwartz and Will Alsop in a lively discussion on the role of landscape architect and architects, individually and in relation to each other. I think its brilliant.

Both are incredibly achieved and intellectual. Alsop brough up some points in the discussion, drawing attention to the non-design spaces that are at the fringe of a building and seems to be nobody’s responsibility. Engineer? Builder? He questions the reason why these places seem to attract people still – and therefore if spaces like that can attract people, is there a need then, to design open spaces?

i actually like these non spaces – at the corner of an estate, behind a row of houses. spaces that are too small to be of significant use, or too awkwardly shaped for any attraction or too far away from anything.

Martha did not entirely answer his question or throw his case back, but she did talk about the space being a manifestation of the designers’ beliefs and thoughts, which allows the space to have meaning and beauty (together). i agree with this point. therefore, spaces do need to be designed and also studied in order to understand interactions and movement. And she refuted that the architect is no longer the master artist presiding over the design of the building and/or land: because landscape architects are able to understand the dynamics within the landscape, site conditions and make objective assessments on where things could be built and how it should be built.

i think the debate between landscape architects and architects will continue: most of the architects i have worked with, make no effort to understand what landscape architects do. they assume we only plant trees. thats not true by the way. if you look closely, all trees have different shapes, textures, form and height. so its a matter of aesthetic, and function in choosing what to put. and we decide where to put it. and we move on to talking about features, programming, activities, circulation, traffic, weather and requirements. it is almost like doing a visual spreadsheet. with a concept. with a belief.


to watch the video, click here.

Are eco-cities really eco- and real? January 31, 2009

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stumbled upon this article on Dongtan just now. It is interesting to look at the establishment of Eco-cities – brand new cities that promote social sustainability, green living and carbon-neutral living – in China and how they have rapidly become the investment baby of big coporations. What the public see are the beautiful images of what the future Eco-City promises – all no doubt generated by 3D max – and the familiar list of elements that are being put in: water cleansing wetland, greywater – black water separation, wind mills etc. What most do not see, is that used to be there prior to the new development. Sometimes the new development displace villages (social sustainability?) or reclaim natural wetlands (ecological sustainability?) – these don’t belong to the new polished Eco-city – or dumping land fill over the existing land to create a blank canvas.

Anyhow, eco-cities have begun to get flake: here’s an article from China Business News on DongTan: Eco-city off Shanghai


*gasp* January 31, 2009

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christian louboutins

via jak & jill blog

these shoes are fierce. and they really will kill, if exercised the correct way.

+ just right to make a statement.

leotard love January 31, 2009

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i browsed across one in sportsgirl a couple months back but it didn’t fit. i don’t know what took me so long to locate this on AmerianApparel because i think half the world already has one.

so yes! i am very tempted.


yes or no?

Poketo! little happiness goes a long way January 31, 2009

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ever since i saw my friend carry her laptop in a felt bag, i have always wanted one. that was in 2005.

at $48, it isn’t too exhorbitant and anyone can and should look good lugging around a super heavy laptop (of 5 kg)


poketo! 100% recycled felt bag


and when i saw this, there is no way, absolutely no way, i was going to not purchase it!

though i am kind of sore that the swallow girl brooch is going at $19 cheaper than when i bought it at Douglas and Hope 2 years ago:


bird brooch by Princess Tina

all at Poketo! Art for Everyday Life

in japan January 30, 2009

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they aim to shock. and i am in awe.


from urban greenery

Project Runway Season 4: Jillian’s collection January 30, 2009

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i will wear her clothes, anyday.

check out the jacket at 1.33

not a frog in the well anymore January 25, 2009

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3 years ago i made a deliberate choice to only read ‘enough’ current affairs, and due to the complete lack of interest in financial news, made the decision to put all my money in fixed deposit on the pretext of

‘low returns low risk’

to bluff it through for about..forever.

clearly ‘enough’ didn’t turn out quite enough;

forced by circumstances and a few people (actually only by Obama becoming the new president, and the economic downturn), i impulsively paid for a monthly subscription of the Financial Times,

and bookmarked Bloomberg and the Economist as daily reads.

i achieved a few remarkable results

  1. Bulldozing through 3/4 of the Budget Debate ’09 (super proud of myself already)
  2. Signing up for FT (happy to share my subscription cos in my opinion is bloody expensive)
  3. Economist
  4. Bloomberg

:: clearly i have been convinced that reading design is not the only thing i should be reading. the logic was that designers are famous, but they aren’t the ones with the money. those with money clearly do not want to be known for obvious reasons 😉 so there. this is the one and only thing i conform to. i feel..sorry.

and no, i still retain my favourite daily reads. there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to stop me from reading

  1. Subtopia
  2. Landscape urbanism: this is my all-time favourite. just inspiring.
  3. High Line Blog

:: need to work very hard to ensure that i don’t become a geek. i am a true blue designer. i make art. not money.

the omnipresent eye January 25, 2009

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the google masterplan

it sounds a great deal like a conspiracy theory. but hey, you never know. there’s no smoke without fire.


here to watch the movie

:: what do you think?

random happy items January 25, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in happy little things.

for the longest time, i have been a fan of Emily‘s pins at theblackapple.

so when these are available at her etsy shop, it is almost impossible to resist purchasing them. so they are slowly but slowly making its way to my mailbox 😉



i got this print too. I have been obsessive with adding to my print collection to display at my desk.


:: my only excuse is that in downtimes when big purchases like the blackbird is sheer extravagance, little things like that add to the daily sunshine 😉 extremely important to keep the spirits up on stressful days.

a little love and kindness January 25, 2009

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in my randomly clicking around this morning, i came across Giving Back.

its a little reminder how each of us have the ability to give back to society and it is heartwarming to see people take time out of their lives to serve the community.

the church of common ground conducting a foot clinic for the public


via The Girl Effect

its not big deal

just the future of humanity.

vegetalisation January 24, 2009

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from La Chanh Nguyen‘s portfolio

via Coroflot

:: this site is teeming with portfolios of designers, some whom are really talented. will be popping by more often to take a look.

more mobile January 24, 2009

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via office of mobile design

:: these days i seem to have gained strong interest in portable architecture, packing numerous functions into a simple form without compromising on functionality. my recent design ideas have focused more on compactibility and it seems to be turning out well 😉

humanoid January 24, 2009

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humanoid ss09

the green desert January 22, 2009

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who would have guessed this could exist in a dessert?


but yes. it does.

this ‘greenbelt’ exists along the Tarim highway in China, linking Luntai and Minfeng on the northern and southern edges of the Tarim basin. To maintain the ‘greenbelt’, freshwater is being pumped up from underground reservoirs and distributed throughout the desert to sustain this. i didn’t know sustaining a greenbelt involves unsustainable measures that defies the natural condition of the location. a desert cannot support a greenbelt like that -and whilst greenbelts are meant to assist to sustain the ecology of the area, placing it in the inappropriate location would backfire.

not only is the greenbelt unsustainable, the lives of the people who are dispatched to maintain this ‘greenbelt’ are not as well. they take two year shifts, living in insolation from people, and along the highway to keep this noble (or so perceived) project going.


spot the little blue house with a red roof 😉

:: for more of China from the air, go to China From Above, by the National Geographic

primitive time planner January 22, 2009

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if not for the fact that the website was in japanese, i would have bought them immediately

i couldn’t tell which item from the drop down menu was yellow 😦

scrinch January 22, 2009

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i count my blessings for those who are kind to me:

those who ask me out for lunch,

go their way out to give me a lift to my meetings,

who pop by from time to time to chat with me,

send me interesting articles to read,

and those who genuinely want to know me as a person.

:: for those who have been mean and unkind to me, it no longer matters. why should they matter when i don’t matter to them?