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IQ and EQ inverse proportion January 2, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in better self.

I watched <Just Follow Law> on Christmas, a Singapore film on the government. there was a line that I identified with:

Tanya Chew is a representation of one of the many scholars in the service. Study a lot. Academically inclined. High IQ but very low EQ.

I am not surprised if I fall under the category of not having much EQ. as told by my supervisor, my individual output is admirable. I get things done. fast. efficient. and often exceed expectations. I learn things fast, know how to get my way around the system, and have competent analytical skills.

However, when it comes to communicating with people, i still have a lot to learn. I am impatient. I find it a chore to explain things more than once. I have very high expectations of others, and very little tolerance for incompetency. It is easy to tell when I am disinterested in a discussion. Heck it is even more obvious when i think something someone is saying is rubbish. and i make no effort to conceal my body language.

+ in this new year, i am resolve to better communicate with my co-workers and learn how to be a team player.



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