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le monde de tokyobanhbao January 6, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in clothes inspiration.

no, i have not turned french. thats actually the name of my new blog read! le monde de tokyobanhbao

i think she’s cute. she makes dressing up look fun. she does this cute illustrations of herself – something i totally admire because i can’t draw like that! moreover, i love her funky short hair and her casually thrown together sense of style. it makes me happy just browsing her blog. it happens that her blog is in french so i have no idea what she is saying: and you know how google translator is. it distorts everything! it doesn’t make any literate sense.




on top of that, she is also a foodie! she makes France look so fun to be in. how many fashion bloggers do you see being foodies and go around hunting&posting good food? that is new to me, at least.




she is also best friends with Betty, another french blogger whom i think is awesome-mest stylish. i actually suspect french ladies know how to dress with subtle details, which are captivating yet not loud and in your face. its an art in itself and not easy to achieve.




Betty has probably the most amazing shoe collection. boots of all heights and colours. maybe not all but at least i like all of them. all the layering makes me want to go some place with progressively cold weather! i am griping.

+ they are inspiring.



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