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the new white January 8, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in happy little things.

is black – or so i think.

i am not a gadget person and it takes me about forever to decide to buy anything electronic. So finally yesterday, after 4 months of wanting to buy a hi-fi set (or on the pretext of it) I got myself this:


the cute part about the speakers is that they can clip together onto the centre portal and that makes it travel-friendly! actually i didn’t know that until i came back and saw the box – not very sensitive about electronic details. that aside, the sound quality is really good! for just $30, i think its a worthwhile deal. i initially wanted to buy an ipod speaker but this works fine too – just plug in the speakers to the audio output of the ipod and it works perfect.

+ making my office table not like an office table



1. jiam - January 8, 2009

Im so glad youre blogging again
youre like my one stop web page for all things beautiful and relaxing

2. walnutsrice - January 8, 2009

haha thank you! good that i actually provide some entertainment and chill-lax things to do

3. stiwha - January 10, 2009


4. walnutsrice - January 11, 2009

it makes my office not like an office 😉

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