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on hindsight January 19, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in better self, lessons learnt.

one of the most important lessons i have learnt at work is to accept constructive criticism and use it positively. I react to them personally, however, only sufficiently to be motivated to improve and become better in the shortest time possible. in fact, i know how to ask questions in order to extract some form of honest criticism from people viewing my work, simply because i know that most people are too polite and kind to be brutally honest about their ratings of my work:

1. What’s wrong with this? – this always works. they will instantly work hard to find out what is not right and put their finger on it.

2. How do you think I can improve? – this sets up the opportunity for people to offer their views and solutions.

3. Could you show me quickly how it could be done? – acknowledge that the other party is more competent and they will be happy to help out.

4. If i face other problems, can I come back to you again? – people will surely say yes.

i find it extremely helpful to keep a neutral tone at all times. even if i do not agree with what is being said, i always remind myself that i asked for help first. therefore i should not confront the solution offered but may take time after the discussion to have a thought-through. however i do not mean to say that the journey to this point has been easy. in fact, it was not.

:: i used to be fiercely defensive and took offense at criticism. i would think that my work was good and although it is not the best, it deserves credit, at least. however i realised that criticism was directed at my work, not at me personally, and that it is not the responsibility of anyone to comfort me when i was reprimanded. I used to refuse to ask for help, only to come around and produce something way below expectations. i i slowly come to terms that i am not invincible, and two heads are often better than one.

+ therefore i can understand completely when someone becomes extremely defensive and protective over work. it is a habit that takes time to get over, and pride is often the culprit at work here. i try to be forgiving sometimes when dealing with such situations but my temper gets the better of me sometimes so this is something i have to work on 😉

my first reflection of 2009



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