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the green desert January 22, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in completely crazy, one step to reality.

who would have guessed this could exist in a dessert?


but yes. it does.

this ‘greenbelt’ exists along the Tarim highway in China, linking Luntai and Minfeng on the northern and southern edges of the Tarim basin. To maintain the ‘greenbelt’, freshwater is being pumped up from underground reservoirs and distributed throughout the desert to sustain this. i didn’t know sustaining a greenbelt involves unsustainable measures that defies the natural condition of the location. a desert cannot support a greenbelt like that -and whilst greenbelts are meant to assist to sustain the ecology of the area, placing it in the inappropriate location would backfire.

not only is the greenbelt unsustainable, the lives of the people who are dispatched to maintain this ‘greenbelt’ are not as well. they take two year shifts, living in insolation from people, and along the highway to keep this noble (or so perceived) project going.


spot the little blue house with a red roof đŸ˜‰

:: for more of China from the air, go to China From Above, by the National Geographic



1. SS - January 23, 2009

It’s just a project destined to fail.
Nature is not meant to be controlled like that…
especially pumping underground aquifers.
they will discover the evils of doing it in a few years time.

2. walnutsrice - January 23, 2009

i think they already know the evils – but still proceeding with this. it is a very strange world.

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