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not a frog in the well anymore January 25, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in completely crazy.

3 years ago i made a deliberate choice to only read ‘enough’ current affairs, and due to the complete lack of interest in financial news, made the decision to put all my money in fixed deposit on the pretext of

‘low returns low risk’

to bluff it through for about..forever.

clearly ‘enough’ didn’t turn out quite enough;

forced by circumstances and a few people (actually only by Obama becoming the new president, and the economic downturn), i impulsively paid for a monthly subscription of the Financial Times,

and bookmarked Bloomberg and the Economist as daily reads.

i achieved a few remarkable results

  1. Bulldozing through 3/4 of the Budget Debate ’09 (super proud of myself already)
  2. Signing up for FT (happy to share my subscription cos in my opinion is bloody expensive)
  3. Economist
  4. Bloomberg

:: clearly i have been convinced that reading design is not the only thing i should be reading. the logic was that designers are famous, but they aren’t the ones with the money. those with money clearly do not want to be known for obvious reasons 😉 so there. this is the one and only thing i conform to. i feel..sorry.

and no, i still retain my favourite daily reads. there is absolutely nothing anyone can do to stop me from reading

  1. Subtopia
  2. Landscape urbanism: this is my all-time favourite. just inspiring.
  3. High Line Blog

:: need to work very hard to ensure that i don’t become a geek. i am a true blue designer. i make art. not money.



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