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leotard love January 31, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in clothes inspiration.

i browsed across one in sportsgirl a couple months back but it didn’t fit. i don’t know what took me so long to locate this on AmerianApparel because i think half the world already has one.

so yes! i am very tempted.


yes or no?



1. tiu - January 31, 2009

depends if you’re going to wear anything else with it!

2. stiwha - January 31, 2009

oh my!!
go toilet is gonna be so hard lah!

3. walnutsrice - January 31, 2009

tiu: of course! not like that! it would be nice with a cardigan or something. i can scare u by turning up with this leotard and leather pants =)

jiam: i didn’t think about it this way. haha..its a new perspective

4. The Closet Soiree - February 7, 2009

Been lurking for sometime.

Are leotards/bodysuits back again? I suppose it’s ok, if you have a flat stomach and balance it out with loose bottoms.

5. walnutsrice - February 7, 2009

hi closet soiree: 😉 i thought it would be good for under blazers or cardigans. and i think my tummy is flat enough.. i can see my toes when i look down.

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