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25 little bits of me February 3, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in in clarity, one step to reality.

tagged to list 25 things about myself. so there it goes:

  1. i love to play scrabble
  2. so i play by myself.
  3. i read every poster in the toilet (yes including the one on the sanitary bin)
  4. and i only read non-fiction materials.
  5. i have more books than i can finish reading
  6. so i suspect i like buying books more than reading.
  7. i like anything that is off-mainstream
  8. so my wallet is from anthropology
  9. and my fat notebook is from Books Actually.
  10. i wish i had home furnishings from style :nordic
  11. but i go to ikea for my regular dose of anything swedish
  12. including meatballs with raspberry jam.
  13. people should be nicely dressed all the time – its a sign that they take pride in the way they look
  14. i think i dress pretty nicely most of the time
  15. though tiu thinks she gets a good laugh out of me.
  16. i believe in visual conversations
  17. and words should not be used in excess
  18. it doesn’t matter to me if people doesn’t like me.
  19. i think the best asset anyone can have is a heart first
  20. and a brain, because without compassion, the brain is merely functional.
  21. i think the landscape is the horizontal fabric that binds everything together
  22. and buildings  are mere extensions of anything horizontal x 1000 times
  23. Surveillance.power is the most fascinating thing to understand
  24. i like to think of myself as quirky and random;
  25. so i try to be a non-conformist.


1. tiu - February 3, 2009

i don’t think i get a good laugh out of you – i DO get a good laugh out of you! (in a good way) (an applauding way)

walnutsrice - February 3, 2009

i rest my case 😉

2. yulanda - February 3, 2009

I love the meatball plate at Ikea. When I was a kid I would beg my mom to go to Ikea so we could have lunch there. It was such a treat for me!

walnutsrice - February 4, 2009

it is addictive, no? i can eat it every week. i work near an Ikea store so its so tempting to go every other day. yums.

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