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the importance of being rich February 17, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in Uncategorized.

this week, i awarded the following title to someone I work with:

<Most inflated sense of self-importance>

i wish the person knew that money does not make the world go round. Intelligence can and will make the money work  – but clearly money can never buy some of the most important things in life – quality of character and common sense.

[I wonder which is worse: Not being able to buy quality of character and common sense with my money or with my parents’ money. If money is that all powerful, isn’t it more exasperating knowing that even with money that is given without having to work for it, you still cannot make it work for you?]

in fact, i am quite comforted in knowing that money cannot buy smartness; and God made money and intelligence independent of each other. it is quite amusing to sit by and watch someone inflate their ego way beyond acceptable limits and assume that because of wealth the world will march in step with them and everyone will simply fall at their feet. honestly that is crap.

i am so glad i was born with a wooden spoon in my mouth. not a silver or gold one. its okay. i can live with little money.

I definitely cannot live knowing or have people thinking  i am dumb.

because at some point, i will have to deceive myself into believing i am smart as it will be one quality i will never possess but wish i did.



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