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my gripe everyday February 23, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in Uncategorized.

i honestly have had it with people not taking my word seriously and having to re-verify it with someone else more ‘senior’  IN MY PRESENCE. it is as if people are trying to test the credibility of my word. is it questionable?

i am not dumb. and i don’t make stupid comments that warrants a skeptical -raise your eyebrow- look. if consultants defer to someone more ‘senior’  who said the EXACT same thing i said, i don’t see why when i make the same comment earlier, people chuckle. i am not telling a joke and i certainly am not intending to make people laugh. i think its plain rude when people chuckle at my comments but agree TOTALLY with someone more senior when the same comment is being passed later.

just because i look 16 does not mean i am stupid. nor does it mean i have no idea what is going on in a project.

society may seem so progressive but at the end of the day, people are still bounded by primitive prejudices that reveal the only thing that progressed is their paycheck and standard of living but not the mindset.



1. guoj - February 25, 2009

eh chillax leh. Dun take it personally la. when people don’t really know anything, they can’t just take yr word for it can they? of course ppl need a second opinion. Even when reading scientific papers written by ppl supposedly way smarter than us, we are always encouraged to verify it (though of course, we are too lazy to do so).

2. walnutsrice - February 28, 2009

haha well. its just assumptions i suppose.

why would you assume that someone older would know better?

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