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19 days March 29, 2009

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when i traveled europe for 2 weeks as a penniless student, i stayed in budget hostels. and still, for 20 euros a night! shared toilets, own towels (leading to massive baggages) and sometimes unclean sheets. it was a fun experience when money is little and the traveling time is long. now, when i travel (usually not more than a week), there is no way (absolutely) anyone could convince me to share a hostel room (unless absolutely no choice like Japan when everything else will bleed the pocket) nor make me put up with grubby rooms.

so in Chiangmai, i will be staying at 3sis bed and breakfast – i think its nice to pay less than 20 euros for the room and have it at a much higher standard!




3 sis bed and breakfast

i am looking forward to wearing shorts everyday, and not dealing with emails, work and the friendly laptop. its liberating to read what i like to read everyday, take pictures and of course, be in a place where i cannot speak the language 😉


shoes that kill March 26, 2009

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no way!


nina ricci fall/winter 2009

via bryanboy.com

i screamed NO WAY! the moment i saw them. how could you even walk in them!

bay was so accurate when he said to me: you can enjoy looking at fashion but make sure they don’t kill.

how right.

lesson learnt March 26, 2009

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i like the sound made by a new mouse. it is quite therapeutic to go ‘click, click, click’.


i had lunch with my mentor today. he said this to me:

be nicer to yourself. enjoy what you do. discover again why you love design and you will be a much happier person. you love what you do. but you are losing it because it has become more important to live up to expectations, and manage what others think about you. let it go. and you will find the joy again. it does not matter what expectations others have of you. when you love what you do, you will be good at it and you will shine. if you aim to gain approval, you will never get it.


i agree.

back in time March 23, 2009

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i miss the days in melbourne.

i miss walking down the yarra alone.

i miss afternoons in the museums and bookshops.

i miss curling up in bed with a book.

i miss going to the market on saturday, and pick out my fruits and vegetables.

i miss sunday evenings cooking fish for dinner.

i miss long sunday tram rides to the flea market.

i miss my long runs around the docklands.

i miss the cold crisp air, and the warm sunlight on my face.

i miss lying on the lawn and falling asleep to birds chirping.

i miss a cup of soy latte with honey by myself.

i miss the silence in my life.

i miss being alone.


i miss looking at b.lake frozen over.

i miss sticking my tongue out at snow.

i miss studio sessions with Shlomik.

i miss the huge salad bowl at Statler.

i miss the old bus to Wegmans.

i miss the long boring bus ride from NYC to Ithaca.

i miss looking forward to drives to Syracuse.

i miss the apple cider and philly cheese steak.

i miss chicago and kicking around in the shallow pool.


i miss all the times when my time was mine.

shopping draught temp. disrupted March 23, 2009

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after a drought of not shopping for a month (quite amazing by my standards), i decided to grow my wardrobe for a bit again



i am slightly more inclined towards outfits i could wear for work

and probably last a little longer.

another dress i quite liked but didn’t think it was my style is this:


i think it is too feminine – and i would die of saccarine

can’t wait for the package to arrive!

a new old spin March 22, 2009

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art in everyday life:


when winter rolls around, this is what we can do 😉

Girl on Swallow love March 22, 2009

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everyone knows which is my favourite brooch. i love it to bits and wear it as often as i could. it was love at first sight. and i hunted it down at Douglas and Hope / Melbourne and bought it the instant i spotted it.

and very unfortunately i lost it. it fell off the pin at the back, and now what is left is the silly pin, sans brooch. its too traumatising. and after ploughing through the internet, i finally located it again at Poketo! i know what is lost shouldn’t be replaced but what am i to do? live without the pin?


Princess Tina Girl on Swallow

another $55 on the same brooch! this is instant madness. i could give up my entire brooch collection but not this one + the penny farthing bike + the theBlackApple pins. anyone knows i have a large pin collection. i guess my love for brooches is how most ladies love diamonds 😉

where has march gone? March 22, 2009

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work stress is to blame for my strange affinity to Duffy’s songs. here and here. they have a strange energetic beat – then again, anything remotely energetic is energetic compared to me 😉


i can’t wait to go to batam early Apr and to Chiangmai mid-apr.

its not that i need a break. i need to go somewhere i can be away from the computer.

its difficult spending so much time with something i don’t like.

unbelievable! March 19, 2009

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i cannot believe this. i cannot believe i am physically not in the USA to be part of the action!


 the list of speakers are as follows (can i grumble about how i am missing out on the great thinkers of this century):

James Corner, George Hargreaves, Micheal Van Valkenburgh

i read their writings, figure out their thoughts on paper, and when they discuss parks and the processes and influencing factors that define and redefine parks today. read: Large Parks, Recovering Landscapes, and The Landscape Urbanism Reader (and be totally bowled over)


I sound like an obsessed fan going for a rock concert but really! i hope someone takes up the role of actively documenting the panel discussions and posting it on blogsphere. will be keeping my eyes peeled for it.

18.03 March 19, 2009

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my laptop died yesterday. and thank goodness it did – because it gave me the perfect excuse not to get any work done. (see, the truth is i do work because i have to, not because i really want to. and when my laptop dies on me, i won’t be hopping panic.) it died the moment i saved my presentation into the thumbdrive.

i think the death of my laptop signifies the burn-out I am feeling already. Gary keeps telling me – take a break. you can’t keep working. and one day you will appreciate this advice. I do! i slept early last night. refused to do any work, and spent time before going to bed browsing the internet on Environmental Graphics, which was fun because it was design (what i like), informative (growing knowledge) and non-project related.



i was particularly caught up with way-finding signage masterplans, and how the signages that show different information(though of different size and scale) should always be related to the human scale. The colour scheme, the shape, the size, the font type are subtle details that affect the experience of a space. one thing I noted was that directional ignages tend to be vertically placed, making it hard to read and requiring a larger stand-back distance: If we tilt information signage at human height (to let people read into the space.signage and not at it) then why would we not consider tilting the directional signs?

i thought the directional sign done at Erie Basin Park is cool:


it is a nice art sculpture to increase the aesthetics of the place, while large enough to be a focal interest and a functional item. I like multi-functional design.

by the way, what do you think of the Orchard Road makeover?

beautiful March 15, 2009

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as my brother rightfully pointed out, after hearing a lousy song on radio 10 times, it would sound good.

the cons of fm radio at work:

for silly thoughts March 15, 2009

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posting is a little slow these days but i leave you with something i found on a magazine today.

why computers are like women:

1. no one but their creator understands their internal logic.

2. the native language used to communicate with other computers is incomprehensible to everyone else.

3. even your smallest of mistakes is stored as long-term memory for future retrieval.

4. As soon as you commit to one, you end up spending half of your salary on its accessories.

why computers are like men:

1. In order to get their attention, you have to turn them on.

2. They have a lot of data, but are still clueless.

3. They are supposed to help you solve problems, but half the time they are the problem.

4. As soon as you commit to one, you realise that you could have had a better model if you had waited a little longer.


I guess men and women both have their gripes about one another 😉

a ball of negative energy March 12, 2009

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i need a holiday.

i think i have reached a point where i am feeling increasingly frustrated with the way things are at work – and the urge to pack up and move on to another place grows stronger by the day. i think its unhealthy to feel this way, but the sleep-it-off tactic is beginning to wear off and become quite ineffective.

i think its fair to say i make a huge effort to be positive but there is only THAT much self-positive energy anyone can generate from within and i think the well is running quite dry now.

i wish i could say tomorrow will be fine. but tomorrow won’t be. because when tomorrow comes about i will still be intolerant to incompetency. i find it so hard to not have high expectations and i still have yet to accept that some people are happy to do the enough and not the best.

i am going to bed.

The Living Courthouse March 11, 2009

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the Singapore Supreme Court is holding The Living Courthouse over the weekend 😉 there will re-enactment of court sessions, guided tours, exhibitions, activities and talks on the legal system. There will be legal talks, a Living Corner and Legal Clinics – perhaps a crash course on becoming a lawyer somehow. Anyhow I think its great fun able to enter the Court without getting sued 🙂

i am definitely going – it will be really crowded so I suggest getting there a little earlier. from 10am – 6pm

see you there in court


scrimp March 9, 2009

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i am on a campaign to save money.

it is almost mid-month and i am so proud that I only swiped my credit card once for an online purchase – the toga dress.

keep up the good work ellen 😉

happy on a sunday March 8, 2009

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i have been on a lookout for a good-looking wrist rest – my wrist and right arm aches after 2 weeks of montages and i think i should off-set the detriments of mouse-clicking.


from theferriswheels

i think i might have been drawn to this shop as i used to like the ferris wheel a lot – until roller coasters kind of took over. now its back to ferris wheel again 🙂 the black/white combination suits my table just fine, and the mug cover is so cute! 😉


and this stressball reminds me of my friend, clement. he was squishing a stressball yesterday and i think it is quite fun! i should get one too..for painful days at work.


the facial expression changes as you squeeze 😉

available from concierge

i’ve got to find some time also to put up my prints – need photoframes – and to pack up my very messy work desk 😦 i should give myself a pat on the shoulder! i didn’t bring my laptop back for the weekend! thats like a first in a few months but i think its because i am so sick of doing work all the time for the last 3 weeks that i just have to not do any this weekend!

but i have a 6000 word paper to write by 21st march for review ! the stressball is going to be of great help

heading out for great sushi!

Sandro Accueil March 3, 2009

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Simply perfect.



i love french fashion

01_march purchase March 1, 2009

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i thought the blue was very pretty, so i bought it off asos

and it was at a petite size 4! 😉

and to know the horrifying extent of my purchases, i have decided, for the month of march only, to post every single item i bought here.