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01_march purchase March 1, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in clothes inspiration, completely crazy.



i thought the blue was very pretty, so i bought it off asos

and it was at a petite size 4! đŸ˜‰

and to know the horrifying extent of my purchases, i have decided, for the month of march only, to post every single item i bought here.



1. Shameless S - March 1, 2009

my god.
i didn’t realise ASOS is so ex.
some of their men’s stuff r quite interesting.

dun worry at least u r not alone in this
i spend a whole mth worth of pocket money today too

2. walnutsrice - March 1, 2009

which girl did you blow all the money on?

3. SS - March 2, 2009

of course not.
well at least not this time.
i bought a card holder at bloodbros, a dark purple shirt at Zara (which even you will be proud of) and a new asics onizuka.
all of which i have wanted for some time but nv bear to buy

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