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Sandro Accueil March 3, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in clothes inspiration.

Simply perfect.



i love french fashion



1. yulanda - March 3, 2009

same here. 🙂

2. px - March 4, 2009

these are nice! except that the heels are





3. walnutsrice - March 4, 2009

yulanda: 😀 How have you been! you haven’t posted in a while

4. walnutsrice - March 4, 2009

px: high heels are good 😀 me loves. practice makes perfect babe. can i buy you a pair for christmas this year

5. SS - March 6, 2009

i must say, the model looks like teenage version of meg ryan.
Sleepless in seattle lol

6. yulanda - March 7, 2009

I was being lazy with the posting thing! That and my memory card reader broke so I had to borrow one…which I was being lazy about. Notice the common theme? 😀

7. walnutsrice - March 8, 2009

hahaha yes 🙂 its okay to take a break sometimes to regain inspiration and re-charge. the memory card reader breaking is a wonderful excuse haha

8. sk - April 24, 2009


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