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happy on a sunday March 8, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in happy little things.

i have been on a lookout for a good-looking wrist rest – my wrist and right arm aches after 2 weeks of montages and i think i should off-set the detriments of mouse-clicking.


from theferriswheels

i think i might have been drawn to this shop as i used to like the ferris wheel a lot – until roller coasters kind of took over. now its back to ferris wheel again 🙂 the black/white combination suits my table just fine, and the mug cover is so cute! 😉


and this stressball reminds me of my friend, clement. he was squishing a stressball yesterday and i think it is quite fun! i should get one too..for painful days at work.


the facial expression changes as you squeeze 😉

available from concierge

i’ve got to find some time also to put up my prints – need photoframes – and to pack up my very messy work desk 😦 i should give myself a pat on the shoulder! i didn’t bring my laptop back for the weekend! thats like a first in a few months but i think its because i am so sick of doing work all the time for the last 3 weeks that i just have to not do any this weekend!

but i have a 6000 word paper to write by 21st march for review ! the stressball is going to be of great help

heading out for great sushi!



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