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18.03 March 19, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in in clarity, inspired in design.

my laptop died yesterday. and thank goodness it did – because it gave me the perfect excuse not to get any work done. (see, the truth is i do work because i have to, not because i really want to. and when my laptop dies on me, i won’t be hopping panic.) it died the moment i saved my presentation into the thumbdrive.

i think the death of my laptop signifies the burn-out I am feeling already. Gary keeps telling me – take a break. you can’t keep working. and one day you will appreciate this advice. I do! i slept early last night. refused to do any work, and spent time before going to bed browsing the internet on Environmental Graphics, which was fun because it was design (what i like), informative (growing knowledge) and non-project related.



i was particularly caught up with way-finding signage masterplans, and how the signages that show different information(though of different size and scale) should always be related to the human scale. The colour scheme, the shape, the size, the font type are subtle details that affect the experience of a space. one thing I noted was that directional ignages tend to be vertically placed, making it hard to read and requiring a larger stand-back distance: If we tilt information signage at human height (to let people read into the space.signage and not at it) then why would we not consider tilting the directional signs?

i thought the directional sign done at Erie Basin Park is cool:


it is a nice art sculpture to increase the aesthetics of the place, while large enough to be a focal interest and a functional item. I like multi-functional design.

by the way, what do you think of the Orchard Road makeover?



1. TWM - March 19, 2009

Very interesting blog you have here. I enjoyed reading your postings.

2. walnutsrice - March 21, 2009

thank you for visiting =) I like your post on SAM.

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