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back in time March 23, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in real dreams.

i miss the days in melbourne.

i miss walking down the yarra alone.

i miss afternoons in the museums and bookshops.

i miss curling up in bed with a book.

i miss going to the market on saturday, and pick out my fruits and vegetables.

i miss sunday evenings cooking fish for dinner.

i miss long sunday tram rides to the flea market.

i miss my long runs around the docklands.

i miss the cold crisp air, and the warm sunlight on my face.

i miss lying on the lawn and falling asleep to birds chirping.

i miss a cup of soy latte with honey by myself.

i miss the silence in my life.

i miss being alone.


i miss looking at b.lake frozen over.

i miss sticking my tongue out at snow.

i miss studio sessions with Shlomik.

i miss the huge salad bowl at Statler.

i miss the old bus to Wegmans.

i miss the long boring bus ride from NYC to Ithaca.

i miss looking forward to drives to Syracuse.

i miss the apple cider and philly cheese steak.

i miss chicago and kicking around in the shallow pool.


i miss all the times when my time was mine.



1. christina - March 24, 2009


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