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19 days March 29, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in happy little things, one step to reality.

when i traveled europe for 2 weeks as a penniless student, i stayed in budget hostels. and still, for 20 euros a night! shared toilets, own towels (leading to massive baggages) and sometimes unclean sheets. it was a fun experience when money is little and the traveling time is long. now, when i travel (usually not more than a week), there is no way (absolutely) anyone could convince me to share a hostel room (unless absolutely no choice like Japan when everything else will bleed the pocket) nor make me put up with grubby rooms.

so in Chiangmai, i will be staying at 3sis bed and breakfast – i think its nice to pay less than 20 euros for the room and have it at a much higher standard!




3 sis bed and breakfast

i am looking forward to wearing shorts everyday, and not dealing with emails, work and the friendly laptop. its liberating to read what i like to read everyday, take pictures and of course, be in a place where i cannot speak the language 😉



1. yulanda - March 30, 2009

Have a wonderful time!

2. walnutsrice - March 31, 2009

thank u! i can’t wait to regress

3. sarah - April 3, 2009

hahaha us too!! we realize we can no longer stay in hostels anymore! haha

4. walnutsrice - April 11, 2009

haha yeah.. sometimes staying in hotel very shiok. thats why.

5. sk - April 24, 2009

wow looks amazing! hope you have a great time!

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