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energy rush June 6, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in for giggles.

can anyone guess what does this stand for?



i had a ball of energy this morning, so i decided to re-vamp this blog a little and add another widget on my sidebar >> Interesting Reads. I seem to be reading a lot more these days, maybe because I am a little tired of working all the time and should start to feed my brain 😉 I have slowed down on the fashion front, and browse the usual blogs like The Sartorialist, LittleThoughts and Fashion Nation – so there isn’t very much to add. even fashion week isn’t that awesome cos the clothes seem unwearable sometimes. so do click on the links at the side and enjoy..

speaking of which, i trust even my reads make me look bi-polar. i read anything on design, on climate change, on dialogues between people, the news, exhibitions etc. i am enjoying the national geographic and Times these days, on top of monocle and the other random design magazine i pick up >> and i really need to decide how much money i can spend a month on reading material! i was with sharon, my financial advisor (new addition into my advisors circle) and i realised that i spend way too much on recreation! books, massages, food and random items! this is really not good for my pocket.

loving the saturday




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