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(commence)ment June 7, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in better self, lessons learnt, real dreams.

‘believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even if it leads you off the well-worn path.’ – Steve Job

transcript here

i think the address at graduation is called the commencement address because it stands for the beginning to the end. and therefore, life begins when college ends. college does not cast in stone the rest of my life. Instead, it starts me off on the path for a long long journey.

i like to think that college education is a plus. not a necessity 😉 i don’t think ever saw college has a pre-requisite to get somewhere in life. Of course, I went to college and learnt a lot about myself, and it was the formative years of the grown-up Ellen (if there is even such a thing); but as I often say, college or not, good or bad grades, first class honours or not, it does not define a person. It is what I do with what I learnt, and the gifts that God gave, that would eventually determine experiences that define me. i try a little to follow my heart, do the things that i love instead of the things that most perceive would take me somewhere. These are the things that I hope people would remember me by when the journey finally ends. Perhaps one of the things I try to do, is to not always do what is grown-up and practical. I think the kid in everyone keeps people alive.

What are the things you do that you think would define you as a person?




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