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the world today: June 7, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in the world today.

There will be a new section to the blog, which is reporting the excitement around the world today. The focus of the blog has mainly been fashion and landscape architecture. starting small for now, i would try to write a bit every day on singapore and world affairs and hopefully be a summarised source of news for anyone who reads.


Singapore seems peaceful, and beyond our shores, it appears we live life vicariously through others. here’s the exciting bits happening:


Elections in Lebanon: is it going to be Hezbollah-led government or 14th March coalition, backed by the US government?

for an overview of who’s who and whats’ going on, go here. in a country where almost no government has been able to unite the different factions and beliefs, it remains to be seen if the new government is able to do that. It is interesting to see how the elections will shift Lebanon’s position in the Middle East, its relations with Israel and the USA, and a reflection of a country wanting to progress despite political (and religious?) tensions.

The question on everyone’s mind is whether USA will support the election results if Hezbollah won. BBC did an analysis, looking back at Obama’s middle-east policy and his speech at Cairo.


the shapes of the world is changing. palm islands. modifying nature. shrinking waters. time lapse videos capture changes over a long-term horizon, and let us know how adapting to change might not always be a good thing.


Remembering D-day comes in many forms. these students decide to take turns to swim across the English Channel to remember the journey taken by soldiers many years ago to raise awareness.


Have a great sunday, whatever that is left of it.



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