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11th June: am June 10, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in the world today.

North Korea has defied instructions repeatedly to stop its missile testing near the shores of South Korea, and continues to pose a nuclear threat. Sanctions would not work, as it has proven time and again. The U.N resolution is almost powerless against North Korea, and it has already defied the Korean Armistice in 1953.  So what now? There seems to be no dialogue. No one speaks to North Korea. Its a top-down decision, and the best part is North Korea doesn’t seem to acknowledge the supposed top. I prefer the CNN report.

I may not be absolutely knowledgable about negotiations, but it brings back memories of WWII when Germany openly defied instructions from the Allies Forces to stop occupation of its neighbours. Repeatedly. The Allies Forces were too soft and despite repeated incidents, did nothing firm to stop in fear of triggering a war. Will this happen again? 


when a good intention turns out way too wrong. A woman in Jerusalem gave her mother a new mattress, throwing away the old tattered one she has slept on for..forever. And it contains $1 million dollars of life-savings. Now thats a new way of saying keeping your money below your bed. The intensive hunt for the mattress in the massive rubbish dump is on. Will they find it?

What would you do? I cannot imagine myself having $1 million dollars and I really..wouldn’t enjoy sleeping on money.


Is vertical farms the way to go in order to preserve the environment? Every time i read reports on farming destroying natural environments, I seem to become more convinced we should try out vertical farms. or find alternatives to natural materials. I think beyond telling the same story of less tress = more carbon dioxide in the environment = increase temperature and therefore climate change, there should be a more lay-man way of lesson telling. These are really abstract terms which people find it hard to relate to. It may need to be site specific, or relating to past examples where the effects have happened.




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