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Parks are fun..soon June 12, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in completely crazy, inspired in design.

as a designer, it becomes almost a responsibility to present what is real to the public. not what is ideal. Even as we commence a design, the land is not a tabula rasa i.e. a blank slate. It is irresponsible to perceive, and present a place as if nothing ever existed. On the other hand, a good design is deliberate. Every component counts.

Recently, I have been looking at how ‘fun’ components may be added into a park design (at a low cost), possibly using recycled materials or salvaged items. give it a good clean up and chuck it at the park to create an element of surprise. why should designs be..predictable? These pictures gave me inspiration:



Tthese photographs do not imply that the Schobrunn Zoo in Vienna does not clean up their exhibits space; rather, it presents to visitors a realistic view of the natural habitats. Do you really think the Amazon River is intact? Do you think ocean floors are clean and pristine? Of course not. Besides, wildlife in the zoo is no longer presented as decorative objects to be viewed through a cage or a staged set. Instead, zoos have slowly begun to modify the mode of presentation, showcasing wildlife in a manner that is closest to their natural habitat.

Another more light-hearted project which I came across is almost funny. and very amusing. definitely cheap to do.



i always refer to Color Me Katie for inspiration to make parks more fun.

i have ideas. need to sleep on them and see if I could put them into Punggol Town Park and also Children’s Park.



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