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19.06 June 19, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in the world today.

hands up to those who did not meet use Google Translator before.

I remember copying over an entire document into G.T to convert into English so I could read it without flipping the dictionary every 2 words. It was a breeze to read after. Now Google is starting to translate Persian into English, so that the world could more closely follow the elections in Iran. or should I say, post elections in Iran.

Will Google eventually manage to translate ancient language (Hebrew or Egyptian) into modern languages?


There is a very fine line between taking caution, and over-reacting. At this point, I am inclined to believe we are over-reacting to the H1N1. It took the civil service no later than a weekend to develop the BCP, and put in place measures to temperature scan, mobilise units and set up a tracking system for passengers affected.

And now! Even the education sector is catching up with E-Learning. It makes me wonder if one day, someone is going to come and say that to sterilise the world, people should just stay home and cyber-interact.


As usual, I will only buy something that is no longer in fashion. Hence, the iPhone will not be mine until Apple comes up with another type of gadget that takes all attention away from the iPhone now. In maybe, 5 years? Its amazing how fast something can go from hip to obsolete.



i like the word – Palestrael 😉



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