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don’t let your imagination run July 14, 2009

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This could be a case of extreme fussiness. I had to ship Aerie from USA simply because I don’t wear anything else. Did not matter it wasn’t cheaper to ship. Did not matter that singapore probably had underwear of comparable prices. I just had to ONLY wear Aerie. Well. I am loyal 😉





I can’t wait! The last shipment got canceled for some reason, and I missed out on the cute daisies pair. The alphabets one kind of make up for it.


not all things new are good July 12, 2009

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I am usually attracted to blogs with great photographs because I believe pictures say a thousand words. Words are excessive at times – but that doesn’t stop me from being excessive with them 😉 so long as the consequences are not fatal.

From Hong Kong with Love: like a Little Journey with the owner as she discovers wonders of a place

Pour Porter: great for clothes inspiration. I like the huge self-tied belt with no particular focal point.

The Selby: personal spaces, people on their best (not necessarily correct) forms. Truly inspirational

Lines and shapes: Lines and Shapes CONNECT US. Not so much of on-blog photos but the books that are sold are a great collection of photographs with various themes. Talk about Feast (for the eye). I am tempted to buy a few.

Some Girls Wander By: She is whimsical. enough said.


via The Selby

i need a long long holiday with clean white sheets.