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some shots August 11, 2009

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in bid to fight the afternoon zz monster that attacks me almost every day (proving to me that I really aren’t a desk bound person), i decided to post the pictures I took on my photography field trip about two months ago. I tend to be tardy at posting, I know.





I am still learning to work my camera. but i was pretty excited to see that my camera can be adjusted to capture different degrees of clarity 🙂


the grass is always greener than the other side August 7, 2009

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the first time i caught Project Runway, what caught my attention was not the outfits but what Heidi Klum said when she sends the booted contestant off the runway. silly me did not realise she was German and therefore, it may have been a german phrase. And this week! I found out it was indeed a German phrase.

Auf  Wiedersehen

(pronounced as ouf-vee-duh R-zey-uhn) It means until we meet again.

 click here to hear how it sounds.

I particularly also like these phrases in foreign language:

French: thank you/merci

Cantonese: I love you

Italian: Allegria /cheerfulness

Japanese: Counting 1 – 10/i-chi, ni, san (shall not continue lest its all wrong)

(and) i love you /Ai shi teru

i guess English may be universal, but some other languages are just more romantic and sweeter sounding 😉

music for the soul August 5, 2009

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I was packing my stack of cds today, and realise I listen to a range of music. I think taste in music changes with age. I grew up on classical music and New Age Classical – Kitaro, Kevin Kern, Yanni. In my teens, I briefly enjoyed pop, and very quickly dropped it for New Age Classical. In the last two years, it has been quite permanently been jazz, Bossa Nova, and New Age Classical, with a dash of classic rock thrown in. Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi (any of his albums up to Its My Life). I have recently been hooked to the High Society cds, in-house compilations from That Cd Shop, particularly Shanghai Jazz, Shanghai Diva and Passion.

phantom of the opera

Yanni Live at The Acropolis is a fantastic introduction to his music.  I have been listening to him since 12 and i still think this is timeless. Recently, I have also begun to like Lang Lang – some pianists play long string of keys that doesn’t seem to make much sense but for his, there was a definite progression in the ‘story’ of this music and space for emotions to follow along.

yanni_Live at the Acropolis


 what music do others listen to?

potential to cheer myself up 2 August 4, 2009

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I decided that I would wear two watches tomorrow. Just so that I will be right on time. and even earlier, if the weather is good 😉


via Le Blog De Betty


i wish someone could help buy this for me. UO doesnt accept non-US /Canada credit cards 😦


studded jersey necklace

i finally found this in Melbourne for just $4. Amazing

how to cheer me up August 4, 2009

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between going to work, staying at home and sleeping, thats how my 24 hrs per day has been used for the last few weeks. no idea how people find the energy to go out, meet people and socialize. i can barely have enough to get out of bed and go to work, and last the day.

anyone, on a positive note, to reward myself for not spending money this month on random items, i bought this one random thing off etsy 😉


😉 it makes me happy jus looking at it

via theblackapple