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the grass is always greener than the other side August 7, 2009

Posted by walnutsrice in completely crazy.

the first time i caught Project Runway, what caught my attention was not the outfits but what Heidi Klum said when she sends the booted contestant off the runway. silly me did not realise she was German and therefore, it may have been a german phrase. And this week! I found out it was indeed a German phrase.

Auf  Wiedersehen

(pronounced as ouf-vee-duh R-zey-uhn) It means until we meet again.

 click here to hear how it sounds.

I particularly also like these phrases in foreign language:

French: thank you/merci

Cantonese: I love you

Italian: Allegria /cheerfulness

Japanese: Counting 1 – 10/i-chi, ni, san (shall not continue lest its all wrong)

(and) i love you /Ai shi teru

i guess English may be universal, but some other languages are just more romantic and sweeter sounding 😉



1. hoodia - August 28, 2009

Nice but i think something is missing.

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