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WoW-fried March 11, 2010

Posted by walnutsrice in in clarity.

Every year, most people eagerly awake March and April. In March, we get our performance bonus. Our merit increment is announced in April.

Performance bonus is a lump sum, a function of our monthly salary. It is dependent on our work performance from the previous year. People tend to enjoy receiving PB (as it is called) because its a sum of money enough to pay off purchases like car downpayment, house downpayment etc. Or even a long holiday. I liken it to the Talisman of Resurgence. With cooldowns, I get an extra 599 spellpower for 20 sec. It looks great during the first 20 sec of a fight for burst dps. But for the rest of the 5 min long fight, it is of no use.

Merit increment is the increase in the per month salary. It does not sound as impressive as PB, but it accumulates over the year. That is like the Muradin Spyglass. It doesn’t help on the burst, but for the rest of the fight, there is a constant additional 180 sp for the next 5 min. That adds up to a lot when compared to 599sp for 20 sec, if you calculate in terms of total damage done.

It took me a while to warm up to Muradin’s Spyglass but now I am totally cool with it.



1. gj - March 11, 2010

you are such a nerd

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