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be careful what you wish for December 20, 2009

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for the last 8 years, i used to think its a complete waste of time to sleep. and wished i didn’t have to.

now i am completely awake in the day and at night.

should i be grateful for a wish come true?


no kidding November 6, 2009

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life surprises me sometimes.

the collective iq of a group of people, may well be lower than the individual iq of the same group of people.


the grass is always greener than the other side August 7, 2009

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the first time i caught Project Runway, what caught my attention was not the outfits but what Heidi Klum said when she sends the booted contestant off the runway. silly me did not realise she was German and therefore, it may have been a german phrase. And this week! I found out it was indeed a German phrase.

Auf  Wiedersehen

(pronounced as ouf-vee-duh R-zey-uhn) It means until we meet again.

 click here to hear how it sounds.

I particularly also like these phrases in foreign language:

French: thank you/merci

Cantonese: I love you

Italian: Allegria /cheerfulness

Japanese: Counting 1 – 10/i-chi, ni, san (shall not continue lest its all wrong)

(and) i love you /Ai shi teru

i guess English may be universal, but some other languages are just more romantic and sweeter sounding 😉

don’t let your imagination run July 14, 2009

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This could be a case of extreme fussiness. I had to ship Aerie from USA simply because I don’t wear anything else. Did not matter it wasn’t cheaper to ship. Did not matter that singapore probably had underwear of comparable prices. I just had to ONLY wear Aerie. Well. I am loyal 😉





I can’t wait! The last shipment got canceled for some reason, and I missed out on the cute daisies pair. The alphabets one kind of make up for it.

inspiration June 29, 2009

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i need to go rip the sleeve off on of my jackets to create this:




and attach a pouch to my jeans or any pants i wear – check out the strap around the thigh


Dead Sea Scrolls June 25, 2009

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Israel is a country I would go back again. and again.

Israel is rich with history, and Jerusalem seems to be a city in constant search for its identity, as a place that seem to bear the expectations of a biblical past and situated in a modern future. The tension in the city is evident, particularly on Friday evening where the buzz in the city heightens before coming to a complete stop till Saturday evening. My trip to Israel in 2006 is nothing short of magical. The second last day concluded with a trip to the Shrine of the Book where I admired the Dead Sea Scrolls, the only evidence to the authenticity of the bible.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are finally coming to Singapore!

Dead Sea Scrolls

They will be on display at the Art House from 27th Aug to 20th September

to join their facebook group, click here

i am super excited!

Parks are fun..soon June 12, 2009

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as a designer, it becomes almost a responsibility to present what is real to the public. not what is ideal. Even as we commence a design, the land is not a tabula rasa i.e. a blank slate. It is irresponsible to perceive, and present a place as if nothing ever existed. On the other hand, a good design is deliberate. Every component counts.

Recently, I have been looking at how ‘fun’ components may be added into a park design (at a low cost), possibly using recycled materials or salvaged items. give it a good clean up and chuck it at the park to create an element of surprise. why should designs be..predictable? These pictures gave me inspiration:



Tthese photographs do not imply that the Schobrunn Zoo in Vienna does not clean up their exhibits space; rather, it presents to visitors a realistic view of the natural habitats. Do you really think the Amazon River is intact? Do you think ocean floors are clean and pristine? Of course not. Besides, wildlife in the zoo is no longer presented as decorative objects to be viewed through a cage or a staged set. Instead, zoos have slowly begun to modify the mode of presentation, showcasing wildlife in a manner that is closest to their natural habitat.

Another more light-hearted project which I came across is almost funny. and very amusing. definitely cheap to do.



i always refer to Color Me Katie for inspiration to make parks more fun.

i have ideas. need to sleep on them and see if I could put them into Punggol Town Park and also Children’s Park.

Poker Face June 11, 2009

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i should do something about my liking for cheesy songs. first it was duffy. now its Lady Gaga. It is my brother’s fault. Poker Face was on repeat mode the whole of last night! and it was replaying in my head the whole of today!

i need to rant June 6, 2009

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i know someone whose maturity is half her actual age. and to save my life, i can’t even understand why would anyone say this at an office ‘I can only work with people who have the same working style, share the same views and within my comfort zone.’

which part of the sentence spells professional? this is not a school project.

i can’t even understand why i spent an hour listening to a long whiny pitch. about how everything about me is negative because she doesn’t like me. grow up. why is quality of output dependent on sociability? thats rubbish. why is everything about making HER team and not part of the office? this is not a school project.

honestly. get your act together.

one lesson to learn: do not collect degrees. having knowledge does not equate knowing how to apply it.

most unlikely green roof maintenance May 10, 2009

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the most unlikely green roof maintenance is probably the most genius i have seen.

green roof maintenance

why not? the fertiliser is also provided! and the soil is clear of weeds for further germination.

rabbits, cows, sheep, goats – these are the possibilities?

May 9, 2009

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i have pretty much being using the same bag for 2 weeks. it is big and roomy, and fits everything i have. best, it slouches perfectly. i chose grey because grey fits everything i have. and quite importantly, it fits the gigantic laptop i carry around.

grey quilted

then i went on to buy another one in black. for obvious reasons. i think everything else will be sidelined for a while until i get tired of using the same bag for every occasion. i like that a huge sling can actually be quite chic and easily paired without looking kiddish.

black quilted



cirque du soleil May 6, 2009

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i am a huge fan of Cirque du Soleil – I had the opportunity to catch two shows, Alegria and Varekai, and they are amazing. i hope with the opening of the IR soon, they would come to Singapore!

my boss messaged from melbourne to say he is going to catch dralion!!! that very lucky chap. the tickets are never cheap (cos i always go for the front seats) but it is a show of a lifetime! i hope he enjoys it.

enjoy 😉 i like them much more than Marc Jacobs Fashion show 😉 surprise surprise

shoes that kill March 26, 2009

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no way!


nina ricci fall/winter 2009

via bryanboy.com

i screamed NO WAY! the moment i saw them. how could you even walk in them!

bay was so accurate when he said to me: you can enjoy looking at fashion but make sure they don’t kill.

how right.

Girl on Swallow love March 22, 2009

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everyone knows which is my favourite brooch. i love it to bits and wear it as often as i could. it was love at first sight. and i hunted it down at Douglas and Hope / Melbourne and bought it the instant i spotted it.

and very unfortunately i lost it. it fell off the pin at the back, and now what is left is the silly pin, sans brooch. its too traumatising. and after ploughing through the internet, i finally located it again at Poketo! i know what is lost shouldn’t be replaced but what am i to do? live without the pin?


Princess Tina Girl on Swallow

another $55 on the same brooch! this is instant madness. i could give up my entire brooch collection but not this one + the penny farthing bike + the theBlackApple pins. anyone knows i have a large pin collection. i guess my love for brooches is how most ladies love diamonds 😉

where has march gone? March 22, 2009

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work stress is to blame for my strange affinity to Duffy’s songs. here and here. they have a strange energetic beat – then again, anything remotely energetic is energetic compared to me 😉


i can’t wait to go to batam early Apr and to Chiangmai mid-apr.

its not that i need a break. i need to go somewhere i can be away from the computer.

its difficult spending so much time with something i don’t like.

unbelievable! March 19, 2009

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i cannot believe this. i cannot believe i am physically not in the USA to be part of the action!


 the list of speakers are as follows (can i grumble about how i am missing out on the great thinkers of this century):

James Corner, George Hargreaves, Micheal Van Valkenburgh

i read their writings, figure out their thoughts on paper, and when they discuss parks and the processes and influencing factors that define and redefine parks today. read: Large Parks, Recovering Landscapes, and The Landscape Urbanism Reader (and be totally bowled over)


I sound like an obsessed fan going for a rock concert but really! i hope someone takes up the role of actively documenting the panel discussions and posting it on blogsphere. will be keeping my eyes peeled for it.

a ball of negative energy March 12, 2009

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i need a holiday.

i think i have reached a point where i am feeling increasingly frustrated with the way things are at work – and the urge to pack up and move on to another place grows stronger by the day. i think its unhealthy to feel this way, but the sleep-it-off tactic is beginning to wear off and become quite ineffective.

i think its fair to say i make a huge effort to be positive but there is only THAT much self-positive energy anyone can generate from within and i think the well is running quite dry now.

i wish i could say tomorrow will be fine. but tomorrow won’t be. because when tomorrow comes about i will still be intolerant to incompetency. i find it so hard to not have high expectations and i still have yet to accept that some people are happy to do the enough and not the best.

i am going to bed.

01_march purchase March 1, 2009

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i thought the blue was very pretty, so i bought it off asos

and it was at a petite size 4! 😉

and to know the horrifying extent of my purchases, i have decided, for the month of march only, to post every single item i bought here.