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i want another bird brooch April 24, 2010

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why can’t i understand french.

bird brooch: Maria Filo


We are part of God’s great big family March 26, 2010

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Kyo Hashimoto March 18, 2010

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Her works are equivalent to wearing art on myself.

these earrings remain my favourite pair in my collection till today:

from her collection Anatomy of F

i have my eye on this second pair. I always favoured her earrings over all else.

from her collection Seducing the Bowerbird

quote of the week November 20, 2009

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‘there is always something smarter than you.’

i read this on my Merlin’s Robe (world of warcraft). I thought it was brilliant.

music for the soul August 5, 2009

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I was packing my stack of cds today, and realise I listen to a range of music. I think taste in music changes with age. I grew up on classical music and New Age Classical – Kitaro, Kevin Kern, Yanni. In my teens, I briefly enjoyed pop, and very quickly dropped it for New Age Classical. In the last two years, it has been quite permanently been jazz, Bossa Nova, and New Age Classical, with a dash of classic rock thrown in. Guns and Roses, Bon Jovi (any of his albums up to Its My Life). I have recently been hooked to the High Society cds, in-house compilations from That Cd Shop, particularly Shanghai Jazz, Shanghai Diva and Passion.

phantom of the opera

Yanni Live at The Acropolis is a fantastic introduction to his music.  I have been listening to him since 12 and i still think this is timeless. Recently, I have also begun to like Lang Lang – some pianists play long string of keys that doesn’t seem to make much sense but for his, there was a definite progression in the ‘story’ of this music and space for emotions to follow along.

yanni_Live at the Acropolis


 what music do others listen to?

how to cheer me up August 4, 2009

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between going to work, staying at home and sleeping, thats how my 24 hrs per day has been used for the last few weeks. no idea how people find the energy to go out, meet people and socialize. i can barely have enough to get out of bed and go to work, and last the day.

anyone, on a positive note, to reward myself for not spending money this month on random items, i bought this one random thing off etsy 😉


😉 it makes me happy jus looking at it

via theblackapple

don’t let your imagination run July 14, 2009

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This could be a case of extreme fussiness. I had to ship Aerie from USA simply because I don’t wear anything else. Did not matter it wasn’t cheaper to ship. Did not matter that singapore probably had underwear of comparable prices. I just had to ONLY wear Aerie. Well. I am loyal 😉





I can’t wait! The last shipment got canceled for some reason, and I missed out on the cute daisies pair. The alphabets one kind of make up for it.

(in) vest June 7, 2009

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lace vest? it really was a leap of faith and plenty of guts. but somehow it worked for the better and the vest fits perfect into my wardrobe. i threw it on yesterday over a pink tank and skirt, and the vest added a pretty interesting layer over my outfit.


i think i am quite addicted to it now 🙂



now, I have my eyes set on this lace trim knit vest, and lace tier cropped vest  ,which have great potential and a much better fit than a black vest? i don’t like wearing lace on skin because it itches (strange right?) and i often find it too feminine for my liking. But as a vest, it adds a little ‘rock’ to it and suddenly its perfect!  its so fun layering with vests – it makes a potentially boring outfit interesting.

pictures via kyurii

the wild child May 12, 2009

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sometimes when i write my blog, I seem to swing from one end of the mood spectrum to another. and i hope i don’t come across as schzophrenic –  who talks saving the world (through design) on one post, shoes + clothes on another (consumerism that kills!) and random art on another! but thats probably me. love to be all grubby and dirty in the forest on a trek but cannot give up my pretty dresses and heels 😉

rock and roll dolls

and i am probably going to break my resolution to not purchase random things for a while

via theblackapple

the journey to borders May 11, 2009

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it is time to make my monthly pilgrimage to borders

shoes of the month May 10, 2009

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i haven’t bought a pair of sneakers for a long time, probably because i don’t get to wear them to work and even if i had to go on site, i would wear my boots. but when i came across these sneakers on gojane – very improbable place to buy sneakers –  i just had to get them. must be the silhouette imprint on the side.


and while i was at it, i picked up these sandals. gojane doesn’t have the most comfortable heels but their sandals are passable and at those prices, i can’t complain. their flats are absolutely horrible to wear. i had two pairs from them and both gave me blisters within 5 minutes 😦


i love the shade of grey! their taupe looks great as well

after months of not buying any shoes, finally i got to satisfy my cravings for new shoes 😉 its brilliant. oh, and bay is supposed to take me golf shoes shopping. it should match my purple/white gloves. he thinks its interesting / hilarous how i am more interested in my golfing outfit than my swing 😉

howl’s moving castle May 10, 2009

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i was picking books randomly out of my shelves when i came across Howl’s Moving Castle by Diane Wynne Jones. I bought this book in Melbourne after I caught the movie at Nova Art Cinema. I remember putting an order at Readings for the book and was elated when it finally arrived.



i like the show because it reveals the ideals of hope, freedom and the wonders of human touch and kindness. thats probably why i enjoy movies seemingly packaged for the younger demographics – it possesses the innocence and fascination not found in other genres of show and makes the world look a little better.

i think everyone should watch shows with happy endings.

Girl on Swallow love March 22, 2009

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everyone knows which is my favourite brooch. i love it to bits and wear it as often as i could. it was love at first sight. and i hunted it down at Douglas and Hope / Melbourne and bought it the instant i spotted it.

and very unfortunately i lost it. it fell off the pin at the back, and now what is left is the silly pin, sans brooch. its too traumatising. and after ploughing through the internet, i finally located it again at Poketo! i know what is lost shouldn’t be replaced but what am i to do? live without the pin?


Princess Tina Girl on Swallow

another $55 on the same brooch! this is instant madness. i could give up my entire brooch collection but not this one + the penny farthing bike + the theBlackApple pins. anyone knows i have a large pin collection. i guess my love for brooches is how most ladies love diamonds 😉

vanilla figs January 12, 2009

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from Keiko Oikawa

the macdonalisation of luxury brands January 7, 2009

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You can now buy luxury. It is a dream.

Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Luster talks about the rise and fall (first) then the globalisation of luxury brands across the world. Research done into the history of luxury brands are well translated: demonstrating the transformation luxury brands as couture houses catering to the upper aristocrats and focusing on the quality of workmanship to catering to the masses. From refinement to in-your-face vulgarity. from skilled artisans handmaking each item to mass production in China. Counterfeiting in every country. the rise of celebrity designers like Marc Jacobs (I still love him) and Tom Ford.

Nonetheless, there still are couture houses like Hermes who stick to its long standing tradition of hand-making their Kellys and Birkin, life long warranty, top-grade leather and focus on quality than quantity. Their silk scarves are made in France.Most astonishingly, in order to remove the stigma of Made in China, some luxury houses rip off the tag upon arrival of the goods and replace it with Made in Italy etc.

+ i am happy to lend out this book if anyone wants a good read.

the new OLD camera January 1, 2009

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Blackbird TLR camera

Photography is emotional – thats why we should shoot on film.

I stumbled upon the Blackbird at Asylum, Ann Siang Hill, while in my exploratory mood. I have been debating to get a Lomo for a while – but that seems so passe. This reminds me  a little of the HusselBlad camera, which shoots on medium format film and saturated colours. I

+ I like the orange one.

it retails at just $206 – worthwhile for so much beauty and fun. I should head back to Asylum before they run out. Heck. Anyone should go back to Ann Siang. just because.

daisy fresh January 1, 2009

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i got this for christmas.


+ fresh smells every day

this bottle makes me real happy.