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The Answer June 29, 2009

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I believe you are the answer to every tear I’ve cried
I believe that you are with me,
My rising and my light.

Give me strength when I am weary
Give me hope when I can’t see
Through the crosses I must carry
Lord, bind my heart to thee

That when all my days are over
and all my chores are done,
I may see your risen Glory
Forever where You are.

                                                                    – Corrinne May



25.06.09 King’s tribute June 26, 2009

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As the sunset of one’s life approaches, we often will wish we will be remembered for the best we have been. In the essence of one’s true character and personality as we tried our best to live it, through ourselves or others. Just as sunrise marks the beginning of a meaningful and fulfilling journey together, hopefully filled with love, joy and kinship, sunset should be a welcome embrace to a life lived to the fullest.

May this have been so:

As I would remember you always

modern day conflict with the ancient truth June 14, 2009

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Many Jewish settlers in the West Bank believe the land was promised to them by the Bible of God.

And it is this, the promise of Judea and Samaria to the Jews, that has created a long standing conflict between the Israelites and Palestinians for the land at the West Bank. Maps were drawn and re-drawn. Boundaries were demarcated and re-demarcated. The occuptation of East Jerusalem, although considered to be part of the West Bank and therefore part of Palestine, was ‘required’ to complete the undivided city of Jerusalem – to be the captial of Israel as told in the bible.

240px-1947-UN-Partition-Plan-1949-Armistice-Comparison  240px-UN_Partition_Plan_For_Palestine_1947

I am not certain if the supposed promise meant having to create a diaspora of the Palestinian people, and to oppress them for decades. It certainly isn’t the way to fulfil the promise or to live the promise. A quick google search would pull up images of the Wall that circles Palestinians settlements at the West Bank, cutting people off from schools, work, families and other essential services. To get across the ways, they had to go through strict security checks at certain times of the day. At times of unstability, the checkpoints may be close for days. Both groups seek to create an independent statehood. The initial intention is not to create one at the expense of another. But one thing led to another. And here is what it is today.



Don’t let the beautiful image of the sunset trick you. The reality of the walls are harsh. The suffering is real. The bleakness of the future is starking. What is the use of installing these walls to mark out the boundary between two people on the same land? The polarity of yours / mine, Israelites  / Palestinians.

And the chosen one / not the chosen one?

Operation Christmas Child June 10, 2009

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when i was in college in melbourne, my church used to organise Operation Christmas Child at the end of the year. We could participate as individuals or in groups, where each would get a box to fill. We could fill it with necessities like toothbrushes, tooth paste, socks, a T-shirt, notebook, pencils etc. These boxes would then be sent off to different countries for the less privileged.


I could almost imagine the joy when these boxes are passed out. You can read stories about how these boxes transformed lives in remote parts of the world and spread joy to those who need them. Distributing blessings allow us to share a little of what God has given us, and we shouldn’t underestimate what this could do. Even brightening up a dark spot in people’s lives are worth the effort.

Maybe this year we could do something like that in church. rally the church together to pass these to a local community organisation. and it doesn’t need to happen only at Christmas. It could happen anytime of the year. I should discuss with the girls.

May 23, 2009

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what happened to the promise of forever?

19 days March 29, 2009

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when i traveled europe for 2 weeks as a penniless student, i stayed in budget hostels. and still, for 20 euros a night! shared toilets, own towels (leading to massive baggages) and sometimes unclean sheets. it was a fun experience when money is little and the traveling time is long. now, when i travel (usually not more than a week), there is no way (absolutely) anyone could convince me to share a hostel room (unless absolutely no choice like Japan when everything else will bleed the pocket) nor make me put up with grubby rooms.

so in Chiangmai, i will be staying at 3sis bed and breakfast – i think its nice to pay less than 20 euros for the room and have it at a much higher standard!




3 sis bed and breakfast

i am looking forward to wearing shorts everyday, and not dealing with emails, work and the friendly laptop. its liberating to read what i like to read everyday, take pictures and of course, be in a place where i cannot speak the language 😉

the montage churner February 28, 2009

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i haven’t had much time to do anything except work – no thanks to 3 presentations. i feel like a perspective churner. nonetheless i am quite happy with the results so i am posting here to share my ‘ joy’





blues everyday February 23, 2009

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i feel like i am a perspective churner. i have been doing nothing but 3-4 perspectives per night for the last week and seriously, when is this going to end!

clearly i am hitting a rough patch at work. not enough sleep. too many deadlines. and an intense desire for a very long holiday.

anyhow, ray’s wedding is this weekend! kimhock and gang is coming down from malaysia so its heaps exciting! i can’t wait!

sunday February 8, 2009

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evoking a smell of vanilla and cinnamon

on a sunday afternoon

with a picnic basket of fresh strawberries

apple cider

cheese and crackers

25 little bits of me February 3, 2009

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tagged to list 25 things about myself. so there it goes:

  1. i love to play scrabble
  2. so i play by myself.
  3. i read every poster in the toilet (yes including the one on the sanitary bin)
  4. and i only read non-fiction materials.
  5. i have more books than i can finish reading
  6. so i suspect i like buying books more than reading.
  7. i like anything that is off-mainstream
  8. so my wallet is from anthropology
  9. and my fat notebook is from Books Actually.
  10. i wish i had home furnishings from style :nordic
  11. but i go to ikea for my regular dose of anything swedish
  12. including meatballs with raspberry jam.
  13. people should be nicely dressed all the time – its a sign that they take pride in the way they look
  14. i think i dress pretty nicely most of the time
  15. though tiu thinks she gets a good laugh out of me.
  16. i believe in visual conversations
  17. and words should not be used in excess
  18. it doesn’t matter to me if people doesn’t like me.
  19. i think the best asset anyone can have is a heart first
  20. and a brain, because without compassion, the brain is merely functional.
  21. i think the landscape is the horizontal fabric that binds everything together
  22. and buildings  are mere extensions of anything horizontal x 1000 times
  23. Surveillance.power is the most fascinating thing to understand
  24. i like to think of myself as quirky and random;
  25. so i try to be a non-conformist.

Are eco-cities really eco- and real? January 31, 2009

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stumbled upon this article on Dongtan just now. It is interesting to look at the establishment of Eco-cities – brand new cities that promote social sustainability, green living and carbon-neutral living – in China and how they have rapidly become the investment baby of big coporations. What the public see are the beautiful images of what the future Eco-City promises – all no doubt generated by 3D max – and the familiar list of elements that are being put in: water cleansing wetland, greywater – black water separation, wind mills etc. What most do not see, is that used to be there prior to the new development. Sometimes the new development displace villages (social sustainability?) or reclaim natural wetlands (ecological sustainability?) – these don’t belong to the new polished Eco-city – or dumping land fill over the existing land to create a blank canvas.

Anyhow, eco-cities have begun to get flake: here’s an article from China Business News on DongTan: Eco-city off Shanghai


the green desert January 22, 2009

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who would have guessed this could exist in a dessert?


but yes. it does.

this ‘greenbelt’ exists along the Tarim highway in China, linking Luntai and Minfeng on the northern and southern edges of the Tarim basin. To maintain the ‘greenbelt’, freshwater is being pumped up from underground reservoirs and distributed throughout the desert to sustain this. i didn’t know sustaining a greenbelt involves unsustainable measures that defies the natural condition of the location. a desert cannot support a greenbelt like that -and whilst greenbelts are meant to assist to sustain the ecology of the area, placing it in the inappropriate location would backfire.

not only is the greenbelt unsustainable, the lives of the people who are dispatched to maintain this ‘greenbelt’ are not as well. they take two year shifts, living in insolation from people, and along the highway to keep this noble (or so perceived) project going.


spot the little blue house with a red roof 😉

:: for more of China from the air, go to China From Above, by the National Geographic

primitive time planner January 22, 2009

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if not for the fact that the website was in japanese, i would have bought them immediately

i couldn’t tell which item from the drop down menu was yellow 😦

do the twist January 13, 2009

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from supermarket

+ waking up before the alarm to do work isn’t so bad. at least i found some inspiration for my bench design.

i am beginning to find ingenuity behind product designs.

many curiosities January 13, 2009

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i rather be nuts crazy than be comfortably occupied. i think i am afraid to slow down because i will fall asleep. and i feel so guilty every time it happens, except when i am on a holiday.

would you rather ask too many questions or not ask any?

+ listening to Sarah Mclachlan

inspiration 01 January 11, 2009

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how cool would it be if i could create a park where people could cycle or trolley-around pots of plants and place them wherever they like:

it would like be the ever-changing park.