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modern day conflict with the ancient truth June 14, 2009

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Many Jewish settlers in the West Bank believe the land was promised to them by the Bible of God.

And it is this, the promise of Judea and Samaria to the Jews, that has created a long standing conflict between the Israelites and Palestinians for the land at the West Bank. Maps were drawn and re-drawn. Boundaries were demarcated and re-demarcated. The occuptation of East Jerusalem, although considered to be part of the West Bank and therefore part of Palestine, was ‘required’ to complete the undivided city of Jerusalem – to be the captial of Israel as told in the bible.

240px-1947-UN-Partition-Plan-1949-Armistice-Comparison  240px-UN_Partition_Plan_For_Palestine_1947

I am not certain if the supposed promise meant having to create a diaspora of the Palestinian people, and to oppress them for decades. It certainly isn’t the way to fulfil the promise or to live the promise. A quick google search would pull up images of the Wall that circles Palestinians settlements at the West Bank, cutting people off from schools, work, families and other essential services. To get across the ways, they had to go through strict security checks at certain times of the day. At times of unstability, the checkpoints may be close for days. Both groups seek to create an independent statehood. The initial intention is not to create one at the expense of another. But one thing led to another. And here is what it is today.



Don’t let the beautiful image of the sunset trick you. The reality of the walls are harsh. The suffering is real. The bleakness of the future is starking. What is the use of installing these walls to mark out the boundary between two people on the same land? The polarity of yours / mine, Israelites  / Palestinians.

And the chosen one / not the chosen one?


the omnipresent eye January 25, 2009

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the google masterplan

it sounds a great deal like a conspiracy theory. but hey, you never know. there’s no smoke without fire.


here to watch the movie

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