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far far away November 13, 2009

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this reminds me of Switzerland summer of rolling fields, sunflower, maize and warm sunshine.


credits to istockphoto


(commence)ment June 7, 2009

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‘believing that the dots will connect down the road will give you the confidence to follow your heart even if it leads you off the well-worn path.’ – Steve Job

transcript here

i think the address at graduation is called the commencement address because it stands for the beginning to the end. and therefore, life begins when college ends. college does not cast in stone the rest of my life. Instead, it starts me off on the path for a long long journey.

i like to think that college education is a plus. not a necessity 😉 i don’t think ever saw college has a pre-requisite to get somewhere in life. Of course, I went to college and learnt a lot about myself, and it was the formative years of the grown-up Ellen (if there is even such a thing); but as I often say, college or not, good or bad grades, first class honours or not, it does not define a person. It is what I do with what I learnt, and the gifts that God gave, that would eventually determine experiences that define me. i try a little to follow my heart, do the things that i love instead of the things that most perceive would take me somewhere. These are the things that I hope people would remember me by when the journey finally ends. Perhaps one of the things I try to do, is to not always do what is grown-up and practical. I think the kid in everyone keeps people alive.

What are the things you do that you think would define you as a person?


back in time March 23, 2009

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i miss the days in melbourne.

i miss walking down the yarra alone.

i miss afternoons in the museums and bookshops.

i miss curling up in bed with a book.

i miss going to the market on saturday, and pick out my fruits and vegetables.

i miss sunday evenings cooking fish for dinner.

i miss long sunday tram rides to the flea market.

i miss my long runs around the docklands.

i miss the cold crisp air, and the warm sunlight on my face.

i miss lying on the lawn and falling asleep to birds chirping.

i miss a cup of soy latte with honey by myself.

i miss the silence in my life.

i miss being alone.


i miss looking at b.lake frozen over.

i miss sticking my tongue out at snow.

i miss studio sessions with Shlomik.

i miss the huge salad bowl at Statler.

i miss the old bus to Wegmans.

i miss the long boring bus ride from NYC to Ithaca.

i miss looking forward to drives to Syracuse.

i miss the apple cider and philly cheese steak.

i miss chicago and kicking around in the shallow pool.


i miss all the times when my time was mine.

beautiful March 15, 2009

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as my brother rightfully pointed out, after hearing a lousy song on radio 10 times, it would sound good.

the cons of fm radio at work:

Polar bear on thames January 31, 2009

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if you think your eyes are playing tricks on you, no they are not 😉 these polar bears are really floating down thames! of course they aren’t real. they are sculptures made by Eden Tv to raise awareness about ‘the plight of polar bear and their dwindling habitat due to climate change’


you can see the polar bear float down the river here

via Inhabitat

Are eco-cities really eco- and real? January 31, 2009

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stumbled upon this article on Dongtan just now. It is interesting to look at the establishment of Eco-cities – brand new cities that promote social sustainability, green living and carbon-neutral living – in China and how they have rapidly become the investment baby of big coporations. What the public see are the beautiful images of what the future Eco-City promises – all no doubt generated by 3D max – and the familiar list of elements that are being put in: water cleansing wetland, greywater – black water separation, wind mills etc. What most do not see, is that used to be there prior to the new development. Sometimes the new development displace villages (social sustainability?) or reclaim natural wetlands (ecological sustainability?) – these don’t belong to the new polished Eco-city – or dumping land fill over the existing land to create a blank canvas.

Anyhow, eco-cities have begun to get flake: here’s an article from China Business News on DongTan: Eco-city off Shanghai


scream.slide January 17, 2009

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installed in the Tate Modern Museum in 2007

via landscape accretions through playscapes

i would love to slide down one of these – imagine the screaming and AHHHHHHH. the best part is the audience can view through the clear plastic top of the slide, which is an added security feature and this creates a visual and emotional spectacle to engage both the user and the viewer. brilliant 😉

do the twist January 13, 2009

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from supermarket

+ waking up before the alarm to do work isn’t so bad. at least i found some inspiration for my bench design.

i am beginning to find ingenuity behind product designs.

and so i wait January 4, 2009

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from foto_decadent

the colours are quite enchanting. and train stations do have an old world charm, which adds to the magical quality of the shots. very well done in fact. it brings out a sense of forlornness and solitude.

+ inspiration

necklush January 4, 2009

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the necklush

+ just brilliant.

when tomorrow doesn’t count January 3, 2009

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today, love and fresh air isn’t enough.

+the world seems bleak.

i design spaces January 1, 2009

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not cut trees.

this is part of a series i did for a playground concept. it took me a long time to know the extent of design.

i am not surprised its hard for others to understand.